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The Southern Appalachian CESU can boast of world class expertise in the disciplines most needed by federal agencies.

The SA-CESU distinguishes itself by being the best in five areas.

Take me to a listing of the most common disciplines in the SA-CESU searchable expert database. 
The products of the Southern Appalachian CESU are: The scope of the Southern Appalachian CESU includes the:
  • Research
  • Technical assistance, and
  • Education
  • Biological sciences
  • Physical sciences
  • Cultural sciences, and
  • Social sciences

The Southern Appalachian CESU has identified five priority theme areas that are considered the strengths of the unit:

Inventorying, Monitoring, and Indicators of Ecological and Habitat Health
Cave, Karst and Cliff Ecosystems
Invasive Species
Restoration of Ecosystems, Habitat & Species
Urban Wildland Interface


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