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Id Last, First Name Partner Primary Capability Secondary Capability Other Capabilities View Edit
582. Copeland, John LMU Bio - Herpetology Aquatic Insects View Edit
374. Crowley, Philip UK Aquatic Ecologist Aquatic Insects Aquatic Biologist/Ichthyologist View Edit
259. Etnier, David UT-K Aquatic Biologist / Ichthyologist Aquatic Insects Aquatic Ecologist, Aquatics - TES View Edit
76. Grubbs, Scott WKU Aquatic - Insects Aquatic Ecologist Water Quality View Edit
796. Hamilton, Steven APSU Aquatic - Insects Aquatic - Other Bio - Entomology View Edit
563. Jones, Jeffray VT Aquatic Ecologist Aquatic Insects Wetlands - Biological, Water Quality View Edit
18. Martin, Thomas H. WCU Aquatic Ecologist Aquatic - Fisheries Management Aquatic - Insects, Statistics View Edit
696. Rasmussen, Jessica LMU Aquatic Ecologist Aquatic - Insects Aquatic - Other View Edit
749. Tolley-Jordan, Lori JVSU Aquatic Ecologist Aquatic - Exotic species Bio - Entomology, Aquatic - Insects View Edit
472. Windelspecht, Michael ASU Wetlands - Biological Environmental Education Aquatic Insects, Bio - Toxicology View Edit