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Id Last, First Name Partner Primary Capability Secondary Capability Other Capabilities View Edit
294. Bell, Thomas UT-K Community Planning Economy View Edit
558. Clapper, Dan WCU Economy View Edit
627. De La Torre Ugarte, Daniel UT-K Soils / Agronomy Economy View Edit
197. Hodges, Donald UT-K Plants - Forestry Economy View Edit
601. Lee, John MTSU Economy View Edit
596. Lewis, Stephen MTSU Economy View Edit
365. Little, Peter UK Anthropology - Physical Economy View Edit
298. Minkel, Bud UT-K Community Planning Economy View Edit
857. Moeltner, Klaus VT Economy Statistics Outdoor Recreation, Landuse and Development View Edit
299. Ralston, Bruce UT-K GIS Community Planning Economy View Edit
822. Ross, Pruitt UT-M Economy View Edit
533. Schieren, George ASU Economy View Edit
741. Schroeder, Kathleen ASU Geographer Economy View Edit
366. Scott, Shaunna UK Sociology / Social Studies Economy View Edit
831. Sims, Charles UT-K Economy Political Sci / Policy / Public Admin Conservation Planning, Landuse and Development View Edit
576. Stephens, Mark TTU Economy View Edit
535. Williams, Wayne ASU Outdoor Recreation Interpretation (Recreation) Economy, Conservation Planning View Edit