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Id Last, First Name Partner Primary Capability Secondary Capability Other Capabilities View Edit
536. Banks, Sarah ASU Tourism Outdoor Rec Planning Community Planning View Edit
795. Bork, Dean VT Landuse and Development Outdoor Recreation Water Quality, Water Quantity View Edit
559. Claxton, David WCU Outdoor Recreation View Edit
467. Cunningham, Peter MTSU Outdoor Recreation View Edit
195. Fly, Mark UT-K Conservation Planning Outdoor Rec Planning View Edit
295. Foresta, Ronald UT-K Community Planning Tourism Outdoor Rec Planning, Conservation Planning View Edit
537. Frauman, Eric ASU Outdoor Recreation Interpretation (Recreation) Tourism, Other not listed View Edit
488. Lawson, Steve VT Outdoor Recreation Sociology / Social Studies Tourism View Edit
643. Marion, Jeff VT Outdoor Recreation Conservation Planning Tourism View Edit
689. McGehee, Nancy VT Tourism Outdoor Recreation Community Planning View Edit
857. Moeltner, Klaus VT Economy Statistics Outdoor Recreation, Landuse and Development View Edit
367. Raitz, Karl UK Tourism Sociology / Social Studies Outdoor Rec Planning View Edit
214. Rogers, Sam UT-K Plants - Urban / Landscaping Outdoor Rec Planning View Edit
607. Shelar, Dawn MTSU Outdoor Recreation View Edit
826. Smartt, Philip UT-M Outdoor Recreation Environmental Education View Edit
709. Sorice, Michael VT Sociology / Social Studies Conservation Planning Outdoor Recreation, Statistics View Edit
560. Tholkes, Ben WCU Outdoor Recreation View Edit
706. Weddell, Melissa ASU Community Planning Outdoor Recreation Tourism, Political Sci / Policy / Public Admin View Edit
535. Williams, Wayne ASU Outdoor Recreation Interpretation (Recreation) Economy, Conservation Planning View Edit