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Id Last, First Name Partner Primary Capability Secondary Capability Other Capabilities View Edit
167. Ebbe, Obi UT-C Criminal Investigation Statistics View Edit
631. Eisenbies, Penelope VT Statistics View Edit
529. Ginn, Mark ASU Statistics View Edit
851. Howard, Josh Historian Library Management Statistics, Computer Applications Developer View Edit
556. Ivey, Kathy WCU Statistics Computer Applications Developer View Edit
573. Machida, Motoya TTU Statistics View Edit
18. Martin, Thomas H. WCU Aquatic Ecologist Aquatic - Fisheries Management Aquatic - Insects, Statistics View Edit
574. Mills, Alan TTU Statistics View Edit
857. Moeltner, Klaus VT Economy Statistics Outdoor Recreation, Landuse and Development View Edit
60. Norgaard, Nicholas WCU Statistics View Edit
610. Quinn, Terrance MTSU Statistics View Edit
630. Smith, Eric VT Statistics View Edit
709. Sorice, Michael VT Sociology / Social Studies Conservation Planning Outdoor Recreation, Statistics View Edit
555. Wang, Yishi WCU Statistics View Edit
761. Yan, Yanjun WCU Engineering Statistics Remote Sensing, Chemicals / Energy View Edit