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Id Last, First Name Partner Primary Capability Secondary Capability Other Capabilities View Edit
456. Abolins, Mark MTSU Geologic Resources GIS View Edit
98. Algeo, Katie WKU Geographer GIS View Edit
753. Axel, Anne MARU Bio - Ecology / Landscape Remote Sensing GIS, Wildlife Ecologist View Edit
475. Ayers, Paul UT-K Engineering GIS View Edit
505. Badurek, Chris ASU GIS View Edit
516. Baldassaro, Paige VT Computer Applications Developer GIS Computer Database Management, Geographer View Edit
200. Buehler, David UT-K Wildlife - Ornithology Wildlife Ecologist GIS View Edit
762. Burda, Carey WCU Remote Sensing GIS Archeology - Other View Edit
626. Burley, Thomas UT-K Geographer GIS View Edit
348. Carey, Daniel UK Water Quality Water Quantity GIS, Geologic Resources View Edit
101. Cary, Kevin WKU GIS View Edit
336. Colby, Jeff ASU GIS Water Quantity View Edit
103. Deal, Richard WKU Geographer GIS View Edit
517. Dorr, Jessica VT GIS Bio - Conservation Plants - Exotic species, Plants - Forestry View Edit
570. Duke, Jason TTU GIS View Edit
850. Dyer, James OU Bio - Ecology / Landscape Geographer GIS, Plant Communities View Edit
105. Foster, Stuart WKU Air Resources / Climate GIS Geographer View Edit
701. Freeland, Robert UT-K Archeology - Bio / Forensic Engineering GIS, Soils Resources View Edit
587. Galbraith, John VT Soils Resources Wetlands - Physical GIS, Conservation Planning View Edit
798. Gentry, Christopher APSU Geographer GIS Remote Sensing, Plants - Forestry View Edit
225. Herrmann, Nicholas UT-K Anthropology - Physical GIS View Edit
785. Kalyanapu, Alfred TTU Engineering Water Quantity GIS, Computer Applications Developer View Edit
382. Kennedy, Michael UK GIS View Edit
766. Kissell, Robert TTU Wildlife Ecologist GIS Wildlife - Game species only, Bio - Conservation View Edit
515. Klopfer, Scott VT GIS Conservation Planning Computer Applications Developer, Wildlife Biologist View Edit
550. Kolenbrander, Larry WCU Bio - Ecology / Landscape GIS Bio - Conservation View Edit
418. Li, Peter TTU Water Quality GIS View Edit
147. Litchford, Gary UT-C Bio - Other GIS View Edit
176. Logan, Joann UT-K Air Resources / Climate Water Quality GIS View Edit
108. Mahmood, Rezaul WKU Soils / Agronomy Air Resources / Climate GIS View Edit
92. Meier, Ouida WKU Aquatic Ecologist Aquatic - Marine Ecology Water Quality, GIS View Edit
818. Melhorn, Sandy UT-M GIS Landuse and Development View Edit
202. Muller, Lisa UT-K Wildlife Ecologist GIS View Edit
692. Murrow, Jennifer UT-K Wildlife Ecologist Bio - Ecology / Landscape Wildlife - Game species only, GIS View Edit
395. Ormsbee, Lindell UK Water Quantity Water Quality GIS View Edit
302. Orvis, Ken UT-K Air Resources / Climate GIS View Edit
479. Paylor, Randall UK Geologic Resources Water Quality Water Quantity, GIS View Edit
548. Peter, Bates WCU Plants - Forestry Plant Communities GIS, Bio - Conservation View Edit
85. Philips, Keith WKU Bio - Entomology GIS View Edit
299. Ralston, Bruce UT-K GIS Community Planning Economy View Edit
300. Rehder, John UT-K Assessments - Cultural GIS View Edit
301. Shaw, Shih-Lung UT-K GIS Landuse and Development View Edit
125. Simpson, Mark UT-M Air Resources / Climate GIS Tourism View Edit
205. Van Manen, Frank UT-K Bio - Ecology / Landscape GIS View Edit
797. Wilson, Michael APSU GIS Computer Database Management Computer Applications Developer, Remote Sensing View Edit