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Id Last, First Name Partner Primary Capability Secondary Capability Other Capabilities View Edit
475. Ayers, Paul UT-K Engineering GIS View Edit
603. Boles, Walter MTSU Engineering View Edit
790. Datta, Tania TTU Water Quality Engineering Environmental Education, Wetlands - Biological View Edit
539. Dunlap, Duane WCU Engineering View Edit
701. Freeland, Robert UT-K Archeology - Bio / Forensic Engineering GIS, Soils Resources View Edit
856. Jennifer, Irish VT Engineering Geology - Coastal / Marine Wetlands - Physical View Edit
577. Johnson, Glen TTU Engineering View Edit
785. Kalyanapu, Alfred TTU Engineering Water Quantity GIS, Computer Applications Developer View Edit
842. Kruse Daniels, Natalie OU Water Quality Hydrogeology Water Quantity, Engineering View Edit
772. Papanicolaou, Thanos UT-K Engineering Water Quantity Water Quality, Fluvial Geomorphology View Edit
847. Riefler, Guy OU Engineering Water Quality View Edit
758. Ryan, Stewart VT Soils Resources Water Quantity Engineering, Hydrogeology View Edit
178. Tyner, John UT-K Water Quantity Water Quality Engineering, Wetlands - Physical View Edit
845. VandenBerge, Daniel TTU Engineering Soils Resources Geologic Resources View Edit
320. Wegmann, Frederick UT-K Landuse and Development Engineering View Edit
767. Wynn Thompson, Theresa VT Fluvial Geomorphology Wetlands - Physical Water Quality, Engineering View Edit
761. Yan, Yanjun WCU Engineering Statistics Remote Sensing, Chemicals / Energy View Edit