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Expert ID848 
Profile StatusPending Approval 
Last NameMiles 
First NameDonald 
Non Federal PartnerOhio University 
DepartmentBiological Sciences 
Emailurosaurus AT 
Primary CapabilityWildlife Biologist 
Secondary CapabilityWildlife - Ornithology 
Other Capability 1Bio - Herpetology 
Other Capability 2Wildlife - Animal physiology 
SA-CESU PI StatusNot yet participated 
Research InterestsI am interested in how amphibians, reptiles and birds respond to anthropogenic change. I use a variety of methods for addressing this general question. My research with amphibians and reptiles involve the use of eco-physiological and biophysical models for predicting population persistence in changing habitats. I use models for characterizing the change in thermal environments and water availability. I study animal behavior to understand how species shift habitat use as the thermal environment becomes more extreme and as droughts become more pervasive. I use historical data to evaluate changes habitat occupancy of amphibians, reptiles and birds. I integrate evidence of range shifts with biophysical models to predict future distributions. 
Profile last updated8/8/2018 12:57:19 PM 

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