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Expert ID863 
Profile StatusPending Approval 
Last NameWofford 
First NameSarah 
Non Federal PartnerJacksonville State University 
DepartmentDept of Biology 
Emailswofford AT 
Primary CapabilityWildlife - Animal behavior 
Secondary CapabilityAquatic Ecologist 
Other Capability 1 
Other Capability 2 
PositionAssistant Professor of Biology 
SA-CESU PI StatusNot yet participated 
Research InterestsI am a sensory and behavioral ecologist that studies how altering environmentally relevant information can influence aggressive social behaviors.During my PhD, I focused on the differences in behavior for males and females and how varied ecological contexts could influence these behaviors. Specifically, I asked questions like “do males and females of a species use different sources of information to make behavioral decisions in aggressive interactions?” “Does changing resource availability or the chemical information cocktail alter these decisions?” Current students in my research lab are exploring the effects of sleep deprivation on social relationships, differences in aggression between native and invasive species, and mate selection. 
Profile last updated10/8/2019 5:52:41 PM 

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