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Expert ID500 
Profile StatusActive 
Last NameWhyte 
First NameTom 
Non Federal PartnerAppalachian State University 
Phone(828) 262-2295 
Emailwhytetr AT 
Primary CapabilityAnthropology - Physical 
Secondary CapabilityAnthropology - Cultural 
Other Capability 1Archeology - Prehistorical 
Other Capability 2 
SA-CESU PI StatusNot yet participated 
Research InterestsPublic archaeology , zooarchaeology, zoogeography, experimental archaeology; eastern North America, southern Appalachians. His research of Appalachian Summit region rockshelters is clearing up some misunderstandings of local cultural sequences and the functions of rockshelters in prehistory. His four-field study of Iroquoian/Cherokee origins identifies the Appalachian region, nearly 4,000 years ago, as the likely place of Cherokee/Iroquoian divergence from a common linguistic ancestor. 
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