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 Id  Project Title PI Name Non-Fed Partner Federal Partner Project Cost ($) Project Location Start Year
115 NRCS Start Up Contribution    UT-K  NRCS  $10,000.00  University of Tennessee  2005 
130 Phosphorus Best Mgmt Practices (BMPs) Fact Sheets  Forbes Walker  UT-K  NRCS  $13,475.00  Tennessee  2004 
164 Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation, Version 2 (RUSLE) Maintenance  Dan Yoder  UT-K  NRCS  $38,888.00  IT - Hubbs  2006 
165 RUSLE Modifications to Enhance Usefulness By Comprehensive Nutrient Mangement Planning Tools  Dan Yoder  UT-K  NRCS  $12,000.00  AHCWD  2006 
166 Economic and Environmental Impacts on Our Nation’s Working Lands as a Result of Renewable Energy Production  Daniel De La Torre Ugarte  UT-K  NRCS  $42,000.00  RSSSD  2006 
209 Digital Soil Mapping Operational Initiative – Mojave Desert Region  Dan Yoder  UT-K  NRCS  $46,589.00  NGDC  2007 
210 Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE2) Maintenance  John Galbraith  VT  NRCS  $74,000.00  ITC  2007 
211 Field Office Decision Support Tool for Prescribed Burning  Craig Harper  UT-K  NRCS  $55,000.00  NRCS-TN  2007 

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