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 Id  Project Title PI Name Non-Fed Partner Federal Partner Project Cost ($) Project Location Start Year
5 Integrated Pest Management Plans for Six NPS Sites  George Hopper  UT-K  NPS  $38,870.00  Kings Mountain MP, Ninty-Six NHS, Horseshoe Bend NMP, Natchez Trace Parkway, Jean Lafitte NHP and Cowpens NB  2000 
6 Inventory and Monitoring of Plankton in Green River, Mammoth Cave NP  Larry Wilson  UT-K  NPS  $48,000.00  Mammoth Cave NP  2000 
7 Modeling bird-habitat relationships in the Southern Appalachians based on Southern Appalachian Assessment databases  Eric Linder  UT-K  USDA FS  $10,000.00  Cherokee National Forest  2000 
8 Great Smoky Mountains NP Bear Monitoring   George Hopper  UT-K  NPS  $15,000.00  Great Smoky Mountains NP  2000 
9 Socio-economic Implications of Bear Repatriation  George Hopper  UT-K  NPS  $4,000.00  Big South Fork NRRA  2000 
10 National Natural Landmark Evaluations  Jack Ranney  UT-K  NPS  $10,000.00  5 Sites in SE USA  2000 

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