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 Id  Project Title PI Name Non-Fed Partner Federal Partner Project Cost ($) Project Location Start Year
212 Water Quality Sampling FY08  John Schwartz  UT-K  NPS  $110,000.00  Great Smoky Mountains NP  2008 
213 Archeological Survey and Condition Assessment Project  Kevin Smith  MTSU  NPS  $6,992.00  Big South Fork NRRA  2008 
214 Modeling the Effects of Alternative Transportation on Resource Protection and Visitor Experiences in Rocky Mountain National Park  Steve Lawson  VT  NPS  $75,819.00  Rocky Mountains NP  2008 
215 Visiting Social Scientist to the Visitor Use Social Science Branch at Yosemite National Park  Steve Lawson  VT  NPS  $24,173.00  Yosemite NP  2008 
216 Further Goals and Efforts of SAMAB Cooperative  Larry Bell  SAMAB  NPS  $7,896.00  NPS Southeast Region  2008 
217 Science Adviser for Eastern Forest Pests FY08  Scott Schlarbaum  UT-K  NPS  $5,850.00  Nation Wide  2008 
218 Archeological Site Inventory of Chestnut Mountain and New River Gorge National River  David Pollack  UK  NPS  $100,000.00  New River Gorge NR  2008 
219 Identify and Inventory Blue Ridge Parkway Minerals Collection  Johnny Waters  ASU  NPS  $10,000.00  Blue Ridge Parkway  2008 
220 Sustainable Tourism Destination/Centerpiece Project for Floyd and Patrick Counties in Southwestern Virginia in the Rocky Knob area associated with the Blue Ridge Parkway  Nancy McGehee  VT  NPS  $266,202.00  Blue Ridge Parkway  2008 
221 River Habitat Mapping (bathymetric) for Pools, Riffles and Endangered Species Mussel Habitat  Paul Ayers  UT-K  NPS  $25,000.00  Big South Fork NRRA  2008 
222 OBED Wild & Scenic River Habitat Mapping Project  Paul Ayers  UT-K  NPS  $20,037.00  Obed Wild and Scenic River  2008 
223 Natural Resource Condition Assessment For Four Northeast NPS Units  Jeff Waldon  VT  NPS  $78,727.00  Booker T Washington NM, Appomattox Court House NHP, Petersburg NB, Richmond NBP   2008 
224 Archaeological site protection and NAGPRA Consultation  Darlene Applegate  WKU  NPS  $40,000.00  NPs Southeast Archeological Center  2008 
225 Production of an Archeological Training Booklet for Underserved Minorities and Advanced Training for Archeological and Museological Interns  John Foster  FAMU  NPS  $29,995.00  NPS Southeast Archeological Center  2008 
226 Aquatic invertebrate identifications from a high elevation stream in Great Smoky Mountains NP  Thomas Martin  WCU  NPS  $20,179.00  Great Smoky Mountains NP  2008 
227 Assessing the Impact of Mercury Bioaccumulation in Cumberland Piedmont Park Units  Cathleen Webb  WKU  NPS  $32,950.00  Abraham Lincoln NHS, Cumberland Gap NHP, Mammoth Cave NP, Big South Fork NRRA  2008 
228 Analyze Culturally Unidentifiable Human Remains in Park Collection  Cheryl Johnston  WCU  NPS  $30,000.00  Hopewell Cultural NHP  2008 
229 Student Intern Support for the Cumberland Piedmont Network FY08  Jana Fattic  WKU  NPS  $70,419.00  Mammoth Cave NP  2008 
231 Protecting the Cave Ecosystem: Evaluating storm-water runoff and parking-lot filtration systems at Mammoth Cave NP  Susan Schexnayder   SAMAB  NPS  $40,000.00  Mammoth Cave NP  2008 
232 Tree-ring reconstruction of insect outbreaks in Lake Clark and Katmai NPR FY08  Rosemary Sherriff   UK  NPS  $35,152.00  Lake Clark NPR, Katmai NPR  2008 
233 Vehicle Tracking & Impact Assessment Methods and Development & Data Analysis FY08  Paul Ayers  UT-K  DOD  $58,600.00  Illinois  2008 
234 Conduct study of the swimming performance of the endangered Roanoke logperch (Percina rex)  Vince Neary  TTU  FWS  $45,500.00    2008 
235 Vehicle Dynamics Monitoring $ Tracking in Support of Land Management  Paul Ayers  UT-K  DOD  $95,524.00    2008 
237 Forest Inventory with Kudzu Control at Redstone Arsenal, AL  Jeff Waldon  VT  DOD  $32,000.00  Redstone Arsenal  2008 
238 Inventory Baseline Natural Resources, Birds, Invertebrates & Penstemon on and around Tinker AFB, Oklahoma  Jeff Waldon  VT  DOD  $85,653.00  Tinker AFB  2008 
239 USACE Start Up Contribution  Keith Belli  UT-K  USACE  $10,000.00    2008 
241 GPS-based Underwater Video for Aquatic Threatened and Endangered Species Habitat at Camp Atterbury  Paul Ayers  UT-K  DOD  $33,012.00  Camp Atterbury  2008 

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