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The federal agency partners within the Southern Appalachian CESU have some needs that are funded and many needs that are unfunded.

Funded needs are typically announced through Requests for Proposals (RFP) that are sent out by the agency. RFPs are not included into the Agency Needs database on this website. The response times for RFPs are usually so short that there is little benefit of even posting them on this website. The SA-CESU forwards all RFPs to mailing lists created from the Expert database, based on the discipline mix requested in the RFP.

If you are not listed in the Expert database (and associated with a non-federal partner in the SA-CESU), you can register your information into the database by clicking here.

Unfunded needs are the only kind of needs listed in the Agency Needs database. These are needs for research, technical assistance and/or education that have been expressed by a federal agency. Funding may be coming in the future, or not at all. Members from the non-federal partners of the SA-CESU are encouraged to examine the database for needs that may complement their own interests. Making contact with the federal unit about a need may initiate a funding request or even a funding shift. Collaboration for an unfunded need is the essence of cooperative studies.

There are at present 17 Unfunded Requests in the Agency Needs database.
The database was last updated on: 8/4/2020 11:14:23 AM.

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